Resolve to Keep Those Resolutions

A month into the new year, many of us may be flagging on our good intentions to keep our New Year’s resolutions.

According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology, the third most popular New Year’s resolution for 2014 is to spend less and save more.  They also report that 34% of all New Year’s resolutions are money related.  

Getting a better handle on your money has many benefits including reducing your stress! A study by the American Psychological Association revealed that out of the eight top sources of stress, five were financial

Accel, a trusted partner for Destinations Credit Union, offers unlimited financial counseling at no cost to our members – Destinations Credit Union pays them to assist our members. Accel counselors help members get at the root of members’ financial trouble and provide steps for dealing with it.  In fact, we often hear from members that they feel more positive about their situation and that a weight has been lifted after speaking with a counselor for the first time.

  • Spend Less, Save More – Accel offers members FREE financial counseling with a certified counselor who can work with them to develop a budget and action plan based on their personal situation and goals.
  • Make a Big Ticket Purchase – Accel’s credit report review is great for members planning on financing, as a counselor can help them check for and dispute errors and give advice on improving their credit score.  Accel also offers housing counseling designed to help first-time homeowners prepare for their purchase. 
  • Get Out of Debt – Members have access to Accel’s Debt Management Plan (DMP) at no charge.  DMPs are an effective way to pay off debt in full.  On average, members can be debt free in 3-5 years!  

If you’re already a member of Destinations Credit Union, get started today by calling
1-877-33ACCEL (332-2235).  If you’re not a member yet, apply online and start saving money today.


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