Don’t Be Scared Of Retirement: Refire And Get Ready For The Best Years Of Your Life

More than half of our nation’s current workers have done nothing or next to nothing to save for retirement. Some might call them lazy, but it might be more realistic to call them terrified. They’re not scared about not having enough saved for retirement; they’re scared about retirement itself.

For a life-long worker, retirement may be a tough pill to swallow. Work is the anchor for your day. It’s why you get up when you do. It’s why you go to bed when you do. You divide your conscious hours between “work” and “not work.” There’s also a sense of identity in a job. Providing a simple answer to “What do you do?” can help you connect with others and yourself.

What’s retirement anyway? One might say it is just sitting around, doing nothing and waiting for death. In that mindset, continuing to work provides a meaning to your remaining years that can’t be found in a rocker, on a couch or in front of a TV.

It’s no wonder people aren’t saving for retirement. It’s a whole lot of extra work and sacrifice for something you may not even want. If this resounds with you, take a look at Refire! Don’t Retire: Making the rest of your life the best of your life.

Coauthors Ken Blanchard and Morton Shaevitz bring their entrepreneurial experience to life with the story of Larry and Janice Sparks. The Sparks begin their retirement unsure of what to do, but quickly discover ways to grow in their relationships, engage their minds, broaden their spiritual horizons and strengthen their bodies. They re-fire the flames of all their interests and take bold steps toward leadership in their communities.

Refire is an easy and engaging read that’s more motivation than practical guidance. In fact, critics have noted the lack of practical advice. Yet It’s received glowing reviews from other authors, industry leaders and even NCAA legend John Calipari.

If you’re thinking about retirement, Refire is a worthwhile investment. If you’re NOT thinking about retirement, it’s a must-have. Blanchard and Shaevitz will put you on the path to financial independence and security with imaginative ways for encouraging a generation that’s about to retire to make the most out of its retirement.

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