Energy Choices

There is a lot of confusion in the market about choosing an energy supplier other than BGE.  You may have even seen the recent television commercials put out by BGE encouraging consumers to look on their web site for your energy choices

No matter who you choose to provide your gas and/or electricity, BGE will still service you.  Your bill still comes from them and they still maintain the gas lines and electric lines.

We strongly urge you to look at these alternative suppliers and try to save yourself a little bit of money.  Destinations Credit Union has formed an alliance with Viridian Energy to offer service to our members.  I recently switched my personal BGE account and saved $34 the first month.

Why would the Credit Union do something like this?

Destinations is always looking for ways to help our members financially.  We offer many discount services through these alliances.  In most cases, it’s a win-win situation.  You get to save a little money through these services and we earn a small revenue stream when you use the services (which ultimately benefits you since we are not-for-profit and owned by you, our members!).

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